Vestos Basics for Women

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Vestos Basics for Women is an easy-to-use interactive computer program created to help you calculate your monthly dates of separation (commonly known as vestos or onot) based on dates that you provide.

Not only does Vestos Basics for Women help you count and calculate your dates accurately, it also provides a user-friendly tutorial explaining each of the basic vestos* . It's easy to use, rabbinically approved, and the safest way of making sure that you're as halachically accurate as possible.

This program is compatible with all PCs

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*This program explains and calculates your calendar days, including the Yom Hachodesh, Yom Haflagah, and Onah Bainonis with a variety of halachic settings, including the Onah Bainonis 31, full day Onah Bainonis, Or Zarua chumrah and multiple Yom Haflagah (Bais Meir).